Advanced Python

Begin date
20 Apr 2024
Number of Classes
Course price
9.000 MKD

Course description

The Python programming language is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world thanks to its easy syntax and interactive environment. The aim of the Python course is to set the student's mind on how to develop sharp problem solving and algorithmic problem solving skills.

The aim of this course is to direct the student to think creatively and dynamically in terms of problem formulation, using modern technologies. After completing this course, the student will be able to solve real problems and write algorithms that will be successfully implemented in the Python programming language. The student will also have an excellent foundation for further career development in the field of programming languages, and with the help of it he will develop more complex programs in the future.

Course outline

  • Introduction to programming
  • Introduction to Python programming
  • Setting up the working environment
  • Data types in the Python programming language
  • Control structures and selection commands
  • Advanced application of control structures and selection commands
  • Loops - repeating structures
  • Functions
  • Error handling
  • Working with folders

Contact person

Elena Petkovska
Sales specialist at the Children Educational Center
+389 75 289 722, Tuesday - Saturday 9:00-17:00

Contact person

Kristina Kuzmanoska
Manager of children's educational center
+389 71 262 728, Tuesday - Saturday 9:00-17:00


Basic knowledge of work with  Python.

This course is designed for children of 13 years and above.

  • Each child works on an individual computer
  • Free handbooks for each course
  • Diploma for completed course


  • 10% discount for the next course if the attendant has already attended any course in Semos Education


  • Payment in cash with payment slip or debit cards
  • Payment with credit cards
  • Payment in installments (max. 3) without interest with credit cards of Stopanska Banka
  • Payment by invoice