Competition for enrollment


Competition for enrollment in
IT Academy for high school students
in the academic year 2022/23

Requirements and criteria for registration

All students from high school or vocational school have the right to enroll in the IT Academy for high school students. Prior knowledge or previous experience is not a requirement for enrollment in the Academy..

Price and method of payment

The regular price of the program is 729 EUR.

The price includes literature, certificate for successfully completed IT Academy for high school students.

Method of payment:

  • online payment through Semos Education's website
  • bank transfer

The enrollment in the vocational studies at the Semos Academy is performed on several dates with defined early bird payments according to the given table.

Methods of paymentApproved discount
in %
Price for payment
in EUR
Super early bird until 30.07.2022 20% 585
Early bird until 30.08.2022 15% 620
Payment until 10.09.2022 10% 656
Payment in equal monthly installments (max. 6) 0 729

Contact person

Elena Stolevska
Head of IT Academy for High School Students
+389 75 289 722

Contact person

Kristina Kuzmanoska
Associate at IT Academy for High School Students
+389 71 262 728

Number of students

Semos Academy has 24 available students’ seats, for IT Academy for high school students, for the academic year 2022/23.

If there are available seats after the date scheduled for beginning of the lectures, Semos Academy will accept new applications for admission.

Documents for enrollment

When enrolling in the vocational studies at Semos Academy, the candidate must fill-out an online application.

Location of the vocational training

Semos Academy has 14 classrooms, with a total capacity of 135 seats, at disposal, and the classes are held at the Semos Education premises in Skopje on Bul. KJ Pitu No.19 / 8.

The classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with sophisticated computer and presentation equipment. Each student works individually on its own computer.

Additional information

For everyone interested, we provide information at the IT Academy for high school students premises every day.

We organize open days regularly, where candidates can see the students’ projects, hear the success stories of the best students and meet the team of professors.