Scholarship competition


Scholarship competition on the subject "VALUES I FIGHT FOR" - OPEN

Application deadline: 21.04.2021

Be whatever you want to be!


for a scholarship at the first and the only Accredited Academy* for Graphic and Web Design in Macedonia.

Seventh years in a row, Semos Academy sponsors free education for young talented individuals for whom this year it will award a total of 4 scholarships (2 full + 2 partial) of for two categories totaling 7.100 EUR.

This year's theme of the competition is "Values I fight for" and you are expected to express yourself creatively on one value that you fight for. The competition applies for the academic year 2021/22 for the two vocational one-year programs: Graphic Design and Web Design.

* Semos Academy of Graphic Design is the first and only accredited post-secondary education institution to offer specialist qualification at 5-B level of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Resolution number UP113-1523 from 19.07.2019

Application Rules

  • All adults (18+ years) with completed secondary and/or higher education can apply for the competition and start attending the Academy in September 2021.
  • Each candidate applies independently for one of the categories: Graphic Design or Web Design.
  • The application must meet the requirements listed for the appropriate category, and with the participation the candidate fully accepts the official rules prescribed by Semos Education.
  • All inappropriate reports with violent, inappropriate, vulgar, incomprehensible and copied content will be disqualified, while incomplete reports will not be accepted.
  • Use of designs / materials for which you do not own the copyright.

For more information related to the scholarship competition, the Academy will organize an Open Day on April 17, whose agenda will include questions related to the competition, but without the expected suggestions and directions for the projects.

The project for the Graphic Design category should promote the given theme and promote a concept or possible solution for the same. The candidate has the right to choose the form in which the will prepare the project.
The following project forms shall be considered acceptable:

  • Hand of digital drawing (must be submitted in scanned form) and/or
  • Poster design, photo manipulation and/or illustration (must be submitted in digital form in one of the following image formats: JPEG, PNG or PDF).

The project shall be considered complete when the candidate describes their idea regarding the project in form of an essay (short text) with maximum 200 words.

Selection of winners

All duly submitted applications will be subject to evaluation by an independent jury selected by the Academy whose decision will be considered final.

In the process of selection of candidates will be included testing for the appropriate category:

  • For the Graphic Design category, a creative test will be conducted,
  • For the web design category, a logical test will be conducted.

Only the selected candidates will be interviewed, while the candidates who will not be selected will be notified electronically.

Scholarship winners in the individual category will be announced in June 2021.

The scholarship applicant must use it for the academic year 2021/22 by signing a contract of study.

Contact person

Angelina Kanchevska, MSc
Head of Semos Graphic Design Academy
+389 71 223 993

Time Frame

February 10, 2021 - The competition is open

March 24, 2021 - Online Open Day at the Academy

April 21, 2021 midnignt - Application deadline

May 2021 - Selection process

June 2021 - Announcement of scholarship winners

Evaluation Criterias

It is not allowed to use designs / materials for which you do not own copyright. Projects with violent, obscene, vulgar and incomprehensible content are not accepted.
Criteria for grading the projects:

  • originality and creativity
  • responding to the theme
Note: For the purpose of explaining your idea or work process, please save your work materials from the projects in case the jury asks for the same during the selection process.

Application process

The candidate must fill out the online form, whereas the emphasis is on the following:

  • Choosing a category for which the candidate applies: Graphic Design or Web Design,
  • Original project, which must not be published before April 22, 2021,
  • An essay (short text) about the idea of the project with maximum 200 words.
  • Attached documents must not exceed 1GB.

Candidate completes the application process with pressing the "Submit" button, after which you can expect a response to the e-mail.


Semos Academy will grant 4 scholarships in total for the two categories, in total amount of 7.100 EUR, for the academic 2021/22 year.

    1 full + 1 partial scholarship
    1 full + 1 partial scholarship

The full scholarship amounts to 2.550 EUR, while the partial scholarship amounts to 1.000 EUR. The Academy reserves the right not to grant the partial scholarship.