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The rapid development of information technology causes major changes in the way people work in their business and private life. To this end, applications , which will allow users to make their everyday lives easier by using them, are increasingly being developed.

These courses are intended for all those who want to become familiar with the basic concepts of programming.

The discount stated in the table below is ONLY for an advance payment of the whole packages.

Package Fundamentals of Programming with C and C++ courses

CourseClassesPrice with discount
C Programming & C++ Programming 60 288 EUR

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The prices stated in the table below are valid for each individual course.

C Programming
170 EUR
C++ Programming
170 EUR
  • Each attendant works on a separate computer
  • A book or a handbook is included in the student’s kit for each course
  • Each attendant that successfully completes a course receives a diploma

Contact person

Dijana Vasilevska
Head of Open Source Programming Training Department
+389 70 349 030, every working day 9:00-17:00


The completion of each course is followed by a two-week break.


The stated discounts cannot be combined and the same are support for youth, unemployed persons, as well as for loyal attendants.

  • 10% for visiting the first course - student, unemployed person
  • 10% for visiting a second course - each attendant
  • 15% for visiting third and more courses - each attendant


  • Payment in cash with payment slip or debit cards
  • Payment in installments with credit cards
  • Payment in installments without interest with credit cards of Stopanska Banka
  • Payment by invoice