Win10 + MS Word 2019
Windows 10 + MS Word 2019 + MOS exam

Begin date
11 Sep 2024
Number of Classes
Course price
104 EUR

Course description

This course is intended as an introduction to the use of personal computers and also to the use of the most famous and most commonly used Operating System Windows 10. The exquisitely simple and intuitive way of working enables you to learn how to use the mouse and the keyboard, how to manipulate with windows, manage your documents with Windows Explorer etc. and all that through a very short training period. Besides all that, this course also focuses on learning the principles and techniques of one of the most popular text editing tools, MS Word. Using specially organized and effective exercises, as well as a professionally prepared syllabus, you will learn how to create, use and modify text documents of various types and with various purposes.

Course Outline

  • Operating system Windows 10
  • Work area of the operating system – Desktop
  • Creating folders and files; and manipulating with the same
  • Viruses
  • Print management
  • Using the application Microsoft Word
  • Work with the documents
  • Data processing
  • Text formatting
  • Document formatting
  • Objects
  • Mail merge
  • Prepare outputs
  • Every attendant works on a separate computer
  • A book or a handbook is included in the student’s kit for every course
  • Every attendant that successfully completes a course receives a diploma
  • Free Certiport MOS Exam

Contact person

Dijana Vasilevska
Head of Office Training Department
+389 70 349 030


None required.

Materials for the course

Every attendant will receive a handbook for Windows 10, and a handbook for MS Word 2016.

Certificate: МОS Word

The Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate (MOS) is one of the world's leading IT certificates. The certificate is accepted globally which is a qualification based on the standards for assessing the knowledge and skills for productive use of Microsoft Office Word.


The mentioned discounts are not combined and they are support for young people, unemployed persons, as well as for loyal attendees.

  • 10% for attending the first course - student, unemployed person
  • 10% for attending a second course - each attendant
  • 15% for attending third and more courses - each attendant


  • Payment in cash with payment slip or debit cards
  • Payment in installments with credit cards
  • Payment in installments without interest with credit cards of Stopanska Banka
  • Payment by invoice