Basics of Javascript

Begin date
13 Jun 2022
Number of Classes
Course price
7.400 MKD

Course description

Javascript is easy and powerful programming language that is implemented in web browsers. Javascript can communicate with HTML code and allows the web authors to spice up their web sites with dynamic contents.

Course outline

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Variables and data types
  • Javascript Operators
  • Javascript Statements
  • Javascript Functions
  • Document Object Model
  • Math Object Methods, Global Functions
  • Debugging in all browsers
  • Free handbooks for each course
  • Diploma for completed course

Contact person

Elena Stolevska
Head of Children`s Education Center
+389 75 289 722

Contact person

Kristina Kuzmanoska
Associate at Children Education Center
+389 71 262 728


The visitors of this course are required to have basic understanding of HTML и CSS.


  • 15% discount for the next course if the attendant has already attended any course in Semos Education.


  • Payment in cash with payment slip or debit cards
  • Payment in installments with credit cards
  • Payment in installments without interest with credit cards of Stopanska Banka
  • Payment by invoice