Services for Companies

Services for companies

1. List of 3 selected candidates from our database.

You will receive a list of 3 selected candidates from the existing Semos Education database.

2. Individual career plan for employees (by position and session)

Expert advice on the HR planning and development of your company.The Career Plan will help you manage the direction in which you want your career and your employees to move, to determine the knowledge and skills that you need and how to achieve them. With the Career Plan you will find out where your employees see themselves in your company, their potential and how to use it most efficiently in order to achieve maximum results.All our career planning experts are GCDF certified.

3. Consulting sessions with experts in relevant fields, including trainers, consultants, people from practice - for companies or individuals.

These sessions can include: written questions to experts, individual lessons on a specific topic for employees, visiting a consultant in the company whereas the problems will be identified on the spot and a solution will be offered, etc. Often, even those with a lot of experience face a problem that you might see as insoluble in a particular situation. Our coaches, with vast theoretical and practical experience in the areas they represent, are here to help you.

4. Provision of highly qualified experts for the company (tender project, current job).

This service includes a proposal of staff with specific qualifications for the appropriate needs of the company. You can use the candidate for a certain period, but you have no obligation to employ them.

5. Services in the field of Human Resources and administration.

Preparation of rulebooks, contracts, systematization, administration, various acts for the needs of the company. The Career Center of Semos Education can make it easier for those companies that do not have a Human Resources department or an HR employee. Our experts have many years of practical and coaching experience and will successfully respond to your requirements for the appropriate needs of the company in the area of Human Resources.

6. Interview and testing (psychological and technical).

Evaluation of potential candidates using appropriate techniques and tests. Interviews and tests are conducted by specialized experts in the field of human resources, psychology and IT.

7. Mentorship programs

Together we build staff according to your needs!

The mentorship programs are process that requires your participation in the process of training and building staff by creating an appropriate profile program. The obligation of the company that will be part of the mentorship programs is to assign a real project / tasks in accordance with the knowledge of the participants in the program as well as a mentor who will follow them throughout the training process. The process takes place depending on how many trainings the participants will have to pass and which skills to acquire. Upon completion of the process, the company has the right to select the participants according to the needs and to include the selected participants in the process of internship or employment.

Contact person

Ance Jovanoska
Head of the Career Center
+389 75 441 815


Recruiting, training, continuous professional development:

  • Corporate sector
  • Small and Medium-Size Businesses


  • Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Chambers and Industry associations


  • Professional and effective response to your recruitment and training needs.
  • Provision of employees who possess relevant knowledge and experience.
  • We manage the entire recruitment and selection process.
  • Our training packages allow for faster integration of new employees in the workplace.
  • Comprehensive training and development support, including technical and soft skills.
  • Access to our pool of highly experienced and qualified professionals for any project work, outsourcing or interim management needs.
  • Assisting in the preparation and execution of student practice.