LLPA member

SEMOS  EDUCATION is a proud member of the powerful network LLPA and one of its founding members. LLPA is association of training centers in the field of IT technology. LLPA stands for Leading Learning Partner Association, a group of 33 well-known Training Centers – each of them a leading IT training company in their country. We’re training more than 500 000 students per year, reaching 500 million EUR in sales revenue.


The LLPA network includes the following partners:



North America

South America


You can find additional information about LLPA at

Your company will have the following benefits by doing business with us:

  • Coverage of (nearly) all countries in the regions WE and CEE
  • Offering a single point of contact for your IT training projects
  • All our Members are well connected in the local subs of top IT vendors (Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, Symantec, Adobe, Apple)
  • LLPA offers the leading worldwide vendors an easy engagement for multinational challenges