Angular 5
Begin date
13 May 2019
Number of Classes
Course price
450 EUR

About this course

This course is designed to introduce students to Angular 5. The course is designed so that throughout the course students are building complete Single page application by using all functionalities of the Angular framework.
The main purpose of this course is to teach the students the benefits of Single page applications, the manner in which they can consume REST APIs, manage the data on frontend, and produce nice User Experience in their web applications.

Audience profile

The primary target audience for this course are developers who have experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and who are familiar with the basic object oriented programming principles.

CourseClassesPrice in MacedoniaPrice
(without VAT) in Serbia
Angular 5
450 EUR
475 EUR

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Angular
  • TypeScript
  • How Angular works
  • Bulit-in Directives
  • Forms in Angular
  • Dependency Injection
  • HTTP
  • Routing
  • Data Architecture in Angular
  • Data Architecture with Observables
  • Advanced Components
  • Testing
  • NativeScript: Mobile Applications for Angular

Contact person for 

Marko Serafimovski
Head of International Business Development
+38978441867, every working day 9:00-17:00

Contact person for Macedonia

Irena Ivanovska
Head of Angular Training Department
+389 70 246 146, every working day 9:00-17:00

Contact person for Serbia


Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript programming
Experience in AngularJS 1.x is beneficial but not required.

What will you learn?

  • Angular architectural concepts
  • Creating and testing Angular apps
  • Templates
  • Data binding and forms
  • Dependency injection
  • Pipes
  • Observables
  • Directives and transclusion
  • Routing and navigation
  • Calling REST services
  • Angular CLI
  • NativeScript
  • Testing