Successful collaboration with 2Coders

Successful collaboration with 2Coders

Who are 2 Coders?

2 Coders is a software development company whose main focus is developing native mobile applications and TV/web platforms for streaming video content in the sports and entertainment domain (similar to popular platforms such as "Netflix," "HBO," "Amazon Prime," etc.). The company has been in existence for ten years with headquarters on the island of Gran Canaria in Spain, and last year we opened a development center in Macedonia with long-term growth plans.

Our team consists of experienced engineers for mobile, web, and TV applications, designers, software quality engineers, business analysts, and project managers.

What does a typical workday at 2 Coders look like?

The dynamic nature of the projects and constant communication with our clients around the world keeps us constantly on our toes but humor, a close-knit team, good music, and coffee make every workday fun despite our work obligations. Our candidates are selected to correspond to the work ethics and culture of 2Coders, allowing us to have a relaxed work atmosphere and to tackle challenges together.

What is the most important thing you look for when selecting future members of your team?

We believe that the most important thing is passion for work and a desire to learn. Of course, we also evaluate technical expertise and attention to detail in solving the tasks given during the interview but candidates with a passion for what they do stand out because that passion is contagious and motivates the rest of the employees. The values we look for in our candidates are dedication and integrity.

What is the most common profile of the candidates you recruit in your company?

The profile of new recruits is usually dictated by the projects themselves but we would highlight the constant need for expanding our team of front-end engineers for web and TV applications and engineers for the development of native mobile applications (iOS/Android). We constantly follow the trends and work with the latest technologies such as Kotlin, Swift, React, AngularJS, Next.js, as well as Java, Wordpress, Laravel. Business analysts and software quality engineers are also part of our teams, they are involved in almost all projects, so depending on the workload, there is an increasing need for these professionals.

Recently, you signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Career Center of Semos Education. Why specifically Semos Education?

We chose to collaborate with Semos Education because of their reputation as a leader in the field of education and training for IT professionals in Macedonia. We believe that together we can provide opportunities for young professionals who want to develop their careers in the IT industry and contribute to the development of the industry in Macedonia.

What would you recommend to those who want to start working and are at the beginning of their career?

We would recommend that they identify their strengths and interests and once they set their goals, they should develop themselves in a way that constantly builds on their relevant skills and experience. Focus on building a strong foundation and continuously learning in the area in which you want to advance.